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                         SEDNA, IT Solutions provider, Mumbai based, established in 2005, believes in delivering high quality and cost-effective solutions. Our services ranges from high end web designing solution, web hosting, Search Engine Optimization, varied Products and customized software development.We also develop high end research based solutions catering cutting edge technology in very user friendly manner to our clients.

We have been developing many web design for almost a decade and are intimately familiar with the trends and technologies that make the web beautiful. Contact us to show your imagination through our hands on your own website.

Festiva Offer!!! Software @ Rs.1500 /mo*

Order placed before 10-Nov-16 on InvoicePro/ SalonPro/ LodgePro

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Projects @ 2500/- onwards

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Hello User! We believe in better bonding, so keep visiting us. For any kind of information, please contact us at: +91 8484897384, info@sednainfosystems.com, asksedna@gmail.com